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Renovating your kitchen? Moving beyond Subway tile

Subway tile. It’s EVERYWHERE. We know it’s classic, but the resurgence over the past several years has also made it exceedingly trendy. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t look like your neighbor’s house and your other neighbor’s house and the three in a row across the street and the seven around the corner and everyone in between: not to mention everyone who has redone their kitchen on HGTV in the past five years: here are 20 great options.

Fresh Ideas:

1. Stainless steel: Large sheets give a commercial feel. Or, introduce a quilted pattern for additional interest.

2. Stone: but not just any old stone. And forget about flat applications. Go stacked for maximum visual interest.

3. Tin tiles: Pretty, easy to install, easy to care for, and capable of completely changing the feel of a kitchen, tin tiles are a perennial favorite.

4. Glass tiles: Break away from the trendiness of glass mosaics with unique shapes.

5. Glass panels: A creative use of the material goes beyond backsplash to art installation.

6. Mirror: create depth while maximizing your space by covering your backsplash in mirror. This backsplash from House Beautiful shows the beauty of mirrored surfaces in a new way.

7. Antique mirror: glamorous, gorgeous, and room expanding.

8. Exotic tiles: backsplash tiles that resemble what you would see in the hills of Tuscany or Spain, or in the Kasbah or Morocco, are popping up and transforming kitchens.

9. Uniquely shaped tiles: it’s been all about squares and rectangles for years, so the new trend is shapes including hexagons, fish scales, and shapes inspired by France and Morocco.

10. Reclaimed wood: a way to go green and look great at the same time.

11. Beadboard: Can go country or East Coast. For a more modern look, paint it in a bold color.

12. Copper: Even more beautiful when it starts to oxidize.

13. Pennies: you could get “penny round” tiles, or you could use the real thing for a fun, unique, glittery look.

14. Concrete: a unique look that is streamlined and easy care.

15. Shells: Lay down the real thing, store-bought or hand-collected for a beachy look.

16. Mother of pearl: reflective and sparkly, mother of pearl tile can suit a number of different design styles

17. Weathered brick: full of character and capable of transforming the whole feel of your kitchen.

18. Chalkboard: Why should teachers have all the fun?

19. Mosaic: not your traditional mosaic backsplash. This is the one you DIY from found items or favorite things, like this one made from mason jars.

20. None: Backsplash smacksplash. If you have the option, blow the wall out altogether and replace it with a window.

See some more cool ideas on woohome.

Mary DeRose Davis

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